Bartók World Competition & Festival

Registration deadline extended

19 April 2021

The organising committee for the Bartók World Competition has received a great deal of feedback from all over the world that the current pandemic has made it very difficult to prepare for the competition, with chamber ensembles having limited opportunities to rehearse and video recordings becoming ever more challenging to make. This has prompted the Liszt Academy of Music to extend the deadline for applications to

15 June 2021.

Applicants who have passed the first round will be notified by 25 June. The dates for the live rounds of the competition remain unchanged: 25–31 October 2021.

In view of the pandemic, the Liszt Academy of Music will hold the Bartók World Competition in compliance with all public health measures, while making every effort to create a level playing field for all competitors. We thus wish to inform applicants that competitors in each round will travel to Budapest and be physically present at the competition venue. If the situation requires it, we will only allow the jury to enter the venue, and the competition will thus take place without audiences being physically present in the concert hall.

Nevertheless, audiences will be able to view the competition regardless of the pandemic: each round will be made available throughout the world via high-quality online broadcasts, just as with last year’s Composers’ Competition.

Competitors who are to travel to Budapest as well as our audiences will be kept informed of applicable safety measures.

All other conditions in the competition announcement have remained unchanged. For any queries, please contact the competition office at