Bartók World Competition


The Liszt Academy with the subvention of Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities launched the Bartók World Competition & Festival on the occasion of the 135th anniversary of the birth of Béla Bartók in 2017.                                                                                                                                         

Besides featuring a repertoire demanding the very highest musical expertise, the Bartók World Competition achieves – also in its structure – something totally new compared to traditional music competitions. The competition is built around the most characteristic strands of the Bartók oeuvre, that is, piano, violin, chamber music and composition, in a six-year cycle. The individual instrumental competitions are organized every other year, with composer competitions in between, which always tie into the forthcoming instrumental category.

This distinctive structure is effective both at drawing the attention of the best instrumentalists of the upcoming musician generation to the works of Bartók and at the same time inspiring young composers to create new works written in the spirit of Bartók.

Timing of the Bartók Competition

January 2024 

announcing composition competition ( piano pieces)

23 November 2024

gala concert of composition competition, announcing piano competition 

September 2025

piano competition

January 2026

announcing composition competition (string quartet pieces) 

November 2026

gala concert of composition competition, announcing string quartet competition 

September 2027

string quartet competition 

January 2028

announcing composition competition (violin pieces) 

November 2028

gala concert of composition competition, announcing violin competition 

September 2029

violin competition




More than just a competition

The Bartók World Competition is much more than just a music competition: every other year, beside the competitions in instrumental categories there will be a scientific conference, with the focus firmly on Bartók in a scientific context where the theme is always topical and illuminated by the very latest research from Hungary and abroad.