Bartók World Competition

Here are the 41 competitors qualified for the preliminary

22 June 2023

The pre-selection jury of this year's Bartók World Competition for violinists–Kristóf Baráti, Géza Kapás and Péter Kováts–decided to let 41 competitors take part in the live rounds.

Of those having reached the preliminary, 23 are women, 18 are men, and they represent 18 countries. Seven are from Japan, 5 from Korea, 4 from Hungary and also 4 from Russia. Three were cast from the United States. China, Czechia, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom are represented by 2 competitiors each. Denmark, France, Germany, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Sweden and Turkey will have 1 young talent each at the competition.

The oldest competitor was born in 1994 and the youngest in 2008.

The list of those who qualified is as follows:


Adamović, Uroš



Christensen, Jacobo

Christensen, Adam

Devutskaia, Sofia

Druțac, Dan-Iulian

Erickson, Marley

Haniková, Miriam Magdalena

Karatas, Yigit

Karls, Lorenz

Kasprzak, Maya Alexandra

Ke Wenqi

Kelemen Gáspár

Kim Minchae

Kim Yubin

Kimura Wakana

Kobzareva, Naina

Kohout, Kryštof

Kossovich, Olga

Králik Abigél

Lee Minji

Mariotti, Lucilla Rose

Martinez Arroyo, Carlos Rafae

Munday, Joel

Navasardyan, Areg

Ohno Yukari

Pocitari, Lilia 

Roussine, Alexis 

Sakamoto, Reika 

Samarasekara, Andrew

Sasaki Mio

Schwartz Zoltán

Seki Tomotaka

Sztathatosz Sebestyén

Takada, Sean 

Wee Jaewon  

Yamakage Raika

Yang Esther Youjeong

Yoshida Kaoruko

           Zhang Xunyue         


Liszt Academy is happy to announce that chairman of the jury will be Daniel Phillips, professor at The Juilliard School, CUNY, violinist of the Orion String Quartet.

In addition to the cash prizes a special prize will be awarded to the best performer of the contemporary pieces.

The live rounds will start on 3 September at the Liszt Academy and the Gala Concert will take place on 10 September in the Grand Hall. Audiences can watch the preliminaries and semi-finals free of charge. Tickets for the finals and Gala Concert are available here.