The Bartók World Competition and Festival kicked off with unique programmes

2017. szeptember 10.

On 9 September 2017, 44 contestants arrived in Budapest for the Bartók World Competition and Festival. In accordance with the official drawing lots, the Preliminary round started with Competitor No. 47, Japanese Tategami Mai. Already on the opening day of the event series organised by the Liszt...

First Bartók World Competition & Festival has been launched

2017. szeptember 09.

The rounds of the contest organized between 10-17 September at Liszt Academy, will begin from No. 47.


2017. szeptember 07.

Find out the when and where of the rounds.

Meet the competitors attending the first Bartók World Competition & Festival!

2017. szeptember 05.

A brief CV and programme of each competitor is available now on the competition website. You can find out everything about the preparations, the jury and the Bartók pieces of the live rounds in the competition catalogue.

Liszt Academy - three-time Red Dot Award Winner

2017. augusztus 14.

The image spot of the Bartók World Competition & Festival to be held this fall for the first time has been recognised with one of the most prestigious international communication design prizes. With this prize, the number of creativity awards acknowledging the event paying tribute to Bartók’s...

Closer to Bartók

2017. augusztus 08.

More than 100 artists had registered for the competition bearing the name of the universally acknowledged Hungarian composer. This first competition – launching in a month’s time - is open to violinists. Of the entrants, more than 50 received the opportunity to perform live in front of a jury.

Bartók World Competition and Festival awaits even the youngest on its opening day

2017. július 25.

The Bartók World Competition and Festival – enjoying international limelight – will be hosted by the Liszt Academy from 9 until 17 September for the very first time. On the opening day of the contest, special programmes and free concerts will welcome the members of all age groups.

Silver Blade, which is worth gold

2017. május 31.

The image of the Bartók World Competition and Festival has been awarded the Silver Blade prize in the category Design Solutions/Image and Logo Design issued by the Association of Communication Agencies in Hungary for the 18th time this year.

Sixty-five young violinists shortlisted for the live round of the Bartók World Competition and Festival

2017. április 20.

Based on the judgement of the three-member jury, representatives of twenty-three countries from four continents will have the chance to take to the stage of the Liszt Academy between 10 and 17 September. Forty-five of the successful candidates are ladies, while twenty competitors are men.

List of competitors making it through the online qualifying round has been postponed to 20 April

2017. március 29.

Please, be informed that due to the high number of applications, the list of the applicants having qualified for the preliminary round of the International Violin Competition of the Bartók World Competition & Festival will be published on 20 April, 2017, five days after the originally announced...

Rush of applications for the Bartók World Competition and Festival

2017. március 28.

One hundred and six young violinists representing 26 nations have submitted applications for the first international violin competition being staged in September 2017.

2017 Violin Competition application deadline closes on 26 March

2017. március 13.

We kindly ask our future contestants not to submit their online application in the last minute.

Bartók as jazz inspiration

2017. február 06.

Bartók works have inspired plenty of jazz musicians over the past 70 years. Jazz pianist Dániel Szabó, lecturer at the school of music of the University of California, Los Angeles, contributed an article to Concert Magazine on what it is about the magic of his music that is so inspiring for jazz.

Dohnányi and Bartók

2017. február 01.

There was a time when it appeared that the music of Ernő Dohnányi would be forever banished from the living music memory and the concert hall. Happily, this did not come to pass, thanks in part to the efforts of Ilona Prunyi who is giving a concert with Miklós Perényi and Ádám Banda on the 3th...

News of the Bartók World Competition and Festival covered by global media

2017. január 25.

Violinists under the age of 30 have until 26 March to register for the international violin competition being arranged in autumn 2017. The organizers are also looking forward to receiving applications for the associated musicology symposium.

Bartók beyond Hungary

2017. január 19.

This essay had been written by President of Bard College Conservatory, well-known musicologist and conductor, Leon Botstein on Bartók's influence on 20th century music.

Application Deadline

2017. január 16.

Applications for the Bartók World Competition & Festival – International Violin Competition 2017 may be submitted as latest by 26 March. Early Birds uploading their application material before 15 February are entitled to a 50% discount from the application fee.

Musicological Programme 2017

2017. január 04.

The Bartók World Competition & Festival is accompanied by a musicological programme related to the main subject of the 2017 competition, “Bartók and the Violin”.

Follow the Bartók World Competition & Festival on Facebook

2016. december 21.

Sign up to the Facebook page of the Bartók World Competition & Festival and stay informed about the International Violin Competition 2017!

Liszt Academy announces the Bartók World Competition & Festival

2016. december 07.

The Liszt Academy has launched the Bartók World Competition and Festival as the closing chord of the 2016 Bartók Year. The competition debuts with the violin category in September 2017. Violinists under the age of 30 can submit applications with a deadline of 26 March 2017.