Piano competition starts!

09. January 2019

Our contest announcement is available for the Bartók Competition and Festival Piano Competition 2019.

Hungarian composer wins Bartók World Competition

26. November 2018

Dániel Dobos came first with a piano composition, in an international field of over two-hundred composers.

Popular young pianists on the Gala

09. November 2018

A new generation of composers will be introduced by the two very popular hungarian artists János Balázs and Balázs Fülei

The international jury made its decision

19. October 2018

6 finalists in the Bartok Composition Competition 2018

214 applicants for the competition

06. September 2018

The number of applicants for the Bartók Composition Competition has far exceeded expectations

31 August is the deadline

27. August 2018

Application for the Bartók World Competition – Composers Competition closes on 31. August.

Bartók with freedom

05. July 2018

„Bartók is not to be an icon but a living entity for us” – the Bartók World Competition and Festival to be continued with the composers’ competition.

Call for Competition 2018 is on the way

27. April 2018

In addition to online opportunities, the good old postal service is also being used by the organizers of the Bartók World Competition to reach more people with the news of the composing competition.

Composition Competition 2018 has started

12. February 2018

Competition invitation is already accessible, and submission form can be downloaded from the website.

„Bartók always touches me, and I must answer to his call”

26. October 2017

The Bartók World Competition and Festival from th Finnish and Japanese perspectives.

Interview with Ágnes Langer, 3rd prize winner of the Bartók World Competition

30. September 2017

Although Ágnes Langer has just recently conquered Hungarian music, she took its stages by storm. She has been studying in Germany since 2005 but turned out to be the most successful Hungarian contestant of the Bartók World Competition and Festival.

Interview with Cosima Soulez-Larivière, 1st prize winner at the Bartók World Competition

21. September 2017

Joie de vivre, professional accuracy and a wide range of interests – these are the traits of the portrait of Cosima Soulez-Larivière, the winner of the Bartók Competition and Festival. Here is an interview with the extraordinarily talented young musician:

Winner of the Bartók World Competition announced

17. September 2017

The 20-year old Cosima Soulez-Larivière won 1st prize at the Bartók World Competition in the category violin in the Grand Final held in the evening of 16 September.

The results of the first Bartók World Competition & Festival

17. September 2017

All special prizes and diplomas were handed over on the 17 September Gala Concert.

The Programme of the gala concert

17. September 2017

Today's Award Ceremony and Gala Concert will feature all three grand finalists as well as competitors from the Final.

The programme of the Grand Final

16. September 2017

Today’s performances will decide about the final ranking, while the announcing of results and the Award Ceremony will take place tomorrow, in the Gala Concert.

Bartók’s violin compositions from various perspectives

16. September 2017

Synopsis of the two-day Symposium ’Bartók and the Violin’ held within the framework of the Bartók World Competition & Festival at the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Three Grand finalists at the Bartók World Competition & Festival

15. September 2017

In the Grand Final of the Bartók World Competition on Saturday, Ágnes Langer, Cosima Soulez-Larivière and Takagi Ririko will be taking to the stage with the violin concertos written by Bartók, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

The three best competitors in the Grand Final of the first Bartók World Competition & Festival

14. September 2017

The 16 September (Saturday) Grand Final will be live streamed on the competition website from 19.30pm.

Seven finalists at the Bartók World Competition

13. September 2017

The Semi-final round of the Bartók World Competition & Festival was held in two sessions on 12 September. Although the scores were very close, seven young violinists were shortlisted for the finals, among them two Hungarians: Ágnes Langer and Gábor Homoki.