Meet the competitors attending the first Bartók World Competition & Festival!

05. September 2017

A brief CV and programme of each competitor is available now on the competition website. You can find out everything about the preparations, the jury and the Bartók pieces of the live rounds in the competition catalogue.
Nearly 50 young singers are making the trip to Budapest in order to test their abilities in the Liszt Academy. Click here for a brief CV and programme of the participants. The programme of competitors is also printed in the competition catalogue.

The more than 100-page publication has articles on the background of the competition, preparations, the jury and also four essays on the Bartók pieces in the repertoire by the most significant researchers of the field. In an interview for the free publication (available at Liszt Academy from 9 September), Dr. Andrea Vigh is quoted as saying: “What lifts this competition head and shoulders above the others is its unique structuring, its international influence and the Bartókian associations with the Liszt Academy. During the 2016 Bartók Year, the suggestion was raised that we establish – with the support of the Liszt Academy and the Budapest Bartók Archives of the Institute of Musicology – an international music competition and festival that would create a tradition of equal importance for young musicians and for the general public, and if you’ll permit me to be somewhat boastful, for the entire country as well. After all, we have no more significant cultural treasure than Bartók.”

The catalogue also contains the detailed schedule of the competition, the members of the jury and patrons as well as contributors. Click here to access the online version of the publication.