APPLICATION MATERIAL - Violin Competition 2017

Personal data and full competition repertoire is to be specified on the online application form, available by clicking here.


As part of the application form, candidates shall also upload:

- A photocopy of current passport (or ID for EU-citizens)

- A professional personal headshot photo (min. 2 MB, JPG)

- A biography (1000-3000 characters) listing professional studies as well as competitions, masterclasses, performances over the last

three years (doc, pdf)

- Video recording of the three required pieces in the Qualifying round (mp4, max. 200MB each)


Only high quality and recent recordings (taken after 1 July 2016) will be accepted. Audio recordings and other video formats will not be considered. The recording should show the applicant and his/her accompaniment (pianist, orchestra etc.), and each piece should be recorded in a single take (no editing permitted). Works presented on the video recordings may be included in the programme of the live rounds. Only complete application material will be considered.

The competition organizers can provide experienced piano accompanists free of charge for the competitors. Candidates may bring their own accompanists, in which case they are responsible for all their expenses. This choice must be indicated on the application form.


Application deadline

26 March 2017

Early Birds

Candidates uploading their application material before 15 February 2017 are entitled to a 50% discount from the application fee, provided that they pass to the Preliminary round.


Confirmation on Qualification

A local jury will decide on acceptance by 15 April 2017 at the latest.


Application Fee

€ 200 (to be paid only by candidates passing to the Preliminary round)