Violin Competition 2017 - Application Deadline: 26 March


Bartók beyond Hungary

19. January 2017

This essay had been written by President of Bard College Conservatory, well-known musicologist and conductor, Leon Botstein on Bartók's influence on 20th century music.

Application Deadline

16. January 2017

Applications for the Bartók World Competition & Festival – International Violin Competition 2017 may be submitted as latest by 26 March. Early Birds uploading their application material before 15 February are entitled to a 50% discount from the application fee.

Musicological Programme 2017

04. January 2017

The Bartók World Competition & Festival is accompanied by a musicological programme related to the main subject of the 2017 competition, “Bartók and the Violin”. Applications should be sent by 25 March 2017.

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