Bartók and the violinists

04. September 2017

Zoltán Székely, József Szigeti, Stefi Geyer, Yehudi Menuhin, Jelly Arányi… All violinists who are closely tied to the world of Bartók both professionally and personally. To the Bartók whose two violin concertos, string quartets, chamber works written for violin and piano, and iconic Solo Sonata...

Bartók beyond Hungary

28. August 2017

This essay had been written by President of Bard College Conservatory, well-known musicologist and conductor, Leon Botstein on Bartók's influence on 20th century music.

Dohnányi and Bartók

28. August 2017

This essay had been written by Veronika Kusz, Dohnányi researcher, on Bartók and Dohnányi's relationship.

Closer to Bartók

08. August 2017

More than 100 artists had registered for the competition bearing the name of the universally acknowledged Hungarian composer. This first competition – launching in a month’s time - is open to violinists. Of the entrants, more than 50 received the opportunity to perform live in front of a jury.